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  GSM KONTROL elektronikudviklimg prototype



  WIFI        Control



    Tracking Beacon

  New 2018 Release

3G GSM kontrol -Wi-fi - GSM  - SMS Alarm - eCall-

3G GSM Control and GPS - GLONASS Systems R&D

Skræddersyet 3G / 2G GSM Wifi Kontrol Styring - IoT- Telematics Module - eCall Module- Lorawan Gateway- Lora - Sigfox- NB-IoT Gateway- 
                  WedeCon Design tilbyder
Skræddersyet kundetilpasset  3G GSM - GPRS - GPS - NB-IoT- modul kontrol elektronik Produktudvikling efter Specifikation samt kundetilpasset volume elektronikproduktion..

          Customized Solutions - Kundetilpassede Løsninger :
        - GSM GPS Tracking  -
GSM GPS overvågning
        - GSM Access Control - GSM Adgangs Kontrol
        - Bluetooth Access Control -
        - Bluetooth Adgangs Kontrol
        - GSM IPCU Relay Module
        - GSM Asset management

LoRaWan & SigFox Gateway interface.

NB-IoT Gateway - BlueGateway - IPCU interface - IPCU relay module

WedeCon Design er specialist
 i IoT-løsninger fra Sensor til cloud server:
Elektronik og Embedded Software, Mekanik, Apps, Cloud,

* Customized IoS & Android Tracking App and Cloud udvikling - for  Wifi - Bluetooth GSM-  remote control 

IOS Android GSM CLOUD kontrol elektronikudvikling

GSM Overvågning

CJMCU draftoptimizer elektronikudvikling bluechimney Elektronik EOT Herning Rolling Code HCS301 433.92Mhz Remote elektronikudviklingSIGFOX IOT elektronikudvikling CJMCU   NB-IoT Danmark
Skræddersyet IoT GSM elektronikudvikling EOT Herning

- - Custom-made WiFi - NB-IoT Gateway - Bluetooth- Gateway Kontrol - IPCU modules Elektronik Produktudvikling - ElektronikUdvikling
efter Specifikation samt kundetilpasset volume elektronikproduktion.

We also are supporting stable ioT solutions with 433Mhz, 868Mhz, 2.4Ghz and the possibllity to get the RED/CE certificates on the modules

- RED 2014/53/EU certificates possible


Mød WedeCon Design :

2018  E-18 Elektronikmesse Odense - Danmark -  2018
   Odense ElektronikMesse E18 Elektronik Udvikling 2018

Bluetooth Mesh elektronikudvikling nRF52810 Danmark 
Bluetooth Beacon Wireless MESH Control System Development
  R&D -  Electronics Hardware & Software electronics 

2G Network / 2G GPRS Network Datastream -
 3G Network / 3G GPRS / 3G IPCU- UMTS :
- All Electronics
R&D Module Development available - also Freelance.

** Radio Equipment Directive RED 2014/53/EU Certificate

** A open GSM module Hardware Platform possible for customization of own software programming and developments



WedeCon Design are supporting Electronics Design on your R&D Lab on your location in synergy with your Team -

- or on own R&D development lab -
- or in a combination on both locations..worldwide

GSM antenne elektronik udvikling lorawan wifi antenna

Kontrol Overvågning
3G GSM e-Call  eCall SMS Fjern kontrol & Alarm system Data  Modem Elektronik.
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GSM IPCU overvågning  Lorawan kontrol elektronikudvikling produktmodning CJMCU
GSM wastecontrol overvågning Lorawan elektronikudvikling produktmodning
GSM control elektronikudvikling produktmodning

 Customized WasteControl 2G GSM module for Remote 433Mhz Gateway
data-stream - NB-IoT - Also combined version with Dual Wi-Fi Module possible

gsm prototype produktmodning elektronikudvikling
micro simcard sim lorawan gsm elektronikudvikling custom-made Sigfox RFID  wireless gateway elektronikudvikling wastecontrol
elektronikudvikling GSM Control Arduino MC60 Quectel
 Customized Simkort SIMCARD position - MICRO Simcard -NANO Simcard MICRO Simcard -MicroSim Kort - NANO Simcard

d3 rss ipcu
**  SMS ALARM system on GSM
**  Custom-made GSM - WiFi - GPRS - GSM - eCall - NB-IoT
     Control R&D Developments
**  2G, GRPS, UTMS, 3G, 4G, GSM Systems
**  Temperature, Moisture, Fugtighed- Power, Access Alerts on SMS
**  SMS Remote Control System
**  GSM Datamodem
**  Wifi Gateway option  - Bluetooth Gateway option - 433Mhz
SigFox LoRaWan Gateway- NB-IoT
** Embedded cloud data tracking position collection option
**  GPS / GNSS tracking position option
**  Customized RSS EASY IPCU ..IPCU1 IPCU2
**  RS485 - USB - RS232 - CANbus - PWM  interface options
**  RFID / NFC user interface - 125Khz - 13Mhz - 868Mhz
**  Analogue Input - PT100 input - PT1000 input - NTC input - -
     PWM Input / 0-10V input / 4-20mA input / NTC input
**  Custom +5V to +36V DC power input options
**  IoT - easy IPCU / W-Bus customised Interface and converter
**  GSM OBDII OBD-II interface customised.
**  Customised Telematics Automotive eCall Control Systems
**  Buzzer , Relay options.- WEKi203 -. Arduino MC60 interface
**  Custom made GSM Access Control
**  Custom-made Bluetooth Access Control
**  Customized Wi-Fi Access Control
** Customized CJMCU module Control
**  Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU Certificate

kk   CJMCU

Quectel M95,
Quectel M66,
Quectel MC60, Quad Band GSM - ecall
Quectel UG95, Fibocom G510, SimCom900, SimCom800 , IPCU interface
SIMCARD, Standard Simcard, Micro Simcard, Nano Simcard

Bluetooth Beacon development  nRF52810 nRF51822 nRF52832 nRF52840
Radio Equipment Directive and  (RED) 2014/53/EU Certificate for Bluetooth

GSM Kontrol Elektronik overvågning Udvikling Prototype Dan
GPS / GNSS Tracking på GSM Kontrol modulet elektronikudvikling.
GSM customized GSM IPCU D3 RSS

 GSM Modul elektronikudvikling udviklet i 2015

IPCU elektronikudvikling GSM Control Arduino MC60 Quectel Wi-Fi GSM kontrol elektronik remote elektronikudvikling nRF52840 IPCU RFID  elektronikudvikling GSM module OBDII M-Bus
IPCU / W-Bus customised Interface and converter
OBDII OBD-II - GSM adapter Gateway

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